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A Letter from the Campaign Co-Chairs

For the past ten years, Partnership Gwinnett has been the major force driving economic development in Gwinnett County. During PG’s first and second five-year strategies (2007–2011 and 2012–2016), PG collaborated with public and private partners to attract new and diverse businesses to Gwinnett County, retain and expand existing businesses, attract and develop a high wage workforce and improve the overall quality of life in our community.

While much has been accomplished, regional, national and international competition for jobs and talent has only increased in recent years. It is critical that we not merely continue but accelerate PG’s work if we are to compete effectively on a global stage and sustain the trajectory we have established through hard work and smart investment during the last ten years.

As we embark on the next five-year Strategy (2017–2021), PG plans to intensify its efforts to drive economic growth in three strategic goal areas: 1. Business development, 2. Talent development, and 3. Community development.

Under Goal 1, as it has for the last decade, PG will continue to lead our county’s efforts to create jobs through new business recruitment, existing business expansion, and small business development. Under Goal 2, PG will serve in the critical role of convener and catalyst in order to ensure we have the quantity and quality of talent we need in Gwinnett County. Lastly, under Goal 3, PG will provide significant support to critical redevelopment, transportation and other community development efforts. Given the interconnected nature of these three goals, it is essential that PG have a role in all three.

Of note, as it implements the strategies and tactics in these goal areas, PG will continue to serve as a tremendous resource and partner to area businesses—individually and collectively—as it helps them uncover opportunities, overcome challenges, and connect to resources that drive innovation and growth.

A great deal has been accomplished. But significant challenges and opportunities remain. We will only be successful if the businesses and other organizations that have a stake in Gwinnett’s strength and prosperity step up, engage, and exercise financial leadership by investing in PG 3.0: Jobs.Talent.Community. Success.

It is our hope that you will join us in making this campaign a huge success, and that you will fully engage PG as a business partner to help you achieve your goals.

Doug Jenkins
Georgia Power

Ontario Smith

Don Swift
Andersen Tate & Carr

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