Call to Action

As our community continues to nurture economic development in the years ahead, the efforts supporting and enabling that growth must be braced by significant financial support. We are ahead as a county today because of the first Partnership Gwinnett plan, which collected more than $10 million dollars from local investors. Now, with the second plan in place, expectations are higher; and so is the level of awareness and expertise related to the benefits of a coordinated strategy and how to put the plan into action. Based on the results of that initial success, the goal for the second iteration of this strategy is set at $11.5 million.

This is your call to action as a leader in our community; to invest your time and financial resources to meet the challenging goals that Gwinnett with face over the next five years. Such economic development efforts are taking place in all of the aforementioned comparison communities; and many communities right here in Georgia have also started such efforts in the last several years, an effort to emulate our achievements. Now is the time to take this success to the next level. We urge you to join us.