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Action is the foundational key to all success. Pablo Picasso

This principle captures the spirit of Partnership Gwinnett, the county’s community and economic development initiative, which was launched in 2007. At that time, Gwinnett County, fueled by immense population growth, had forward-thinking leadership who collaborated to produce and implement a strategy that would put the growing community to work through economic diversification and wealth creation, developing education and workforce excellence, and enhancing the overall quality of life throughout the community. While communities across the country have struggled with how to respond to the harsh economic times, Gwinnett has marched steadily forward with a solid strategy that thrives because of widespread support.

Not only has the economic climate changed drastically in the past five years, but so has the face of Gwinnett County. The growing community has survived the worst recession in history, while maintaining a pro-business environment, Nationally Award-Winning educational opportunities for students of all ages, and an exceptional quality of life. The nimble community rose to the challenge of the recession and its resulting “new normal”, and now, Gwinnett looks forward with a hope founded in a deliberate and strategic blueprint for future economic growth.

Embarking on its second 5 year plan, Partnership Gwinnett is now more capable, driven, and more mature in its economic development efforts. Touted by exemplary organizations such as the International Economic Development Council, and American Chamber of Commerce Executives, the focus has narrowed on achieving and surpassing goals set by and for community leaders. The following pages will outline these new goals and objectives, as well as provide a distinct call to action for those who are ready to take Gwinnett’s previous success to the next level.

Just as none of the initial goals could have been accomplished without the time, talents and treasure of public and private investors- the next five years of community and economic development will not be possible without the financial support of investors like you.

Partnership Gwinnett has committed significant resources to the implementation of the plan outlined herein, with the expectation of a strong return on our investment. We are asking you to do the same. Investment in local economic development has proved to be not only an investment in the future of business in Gwinnett, but an investment in a flourishing community that focuses on holistic economic development: with outstanding educational institutions, cutting-edge healthcare options, an effervescent quality of life, best-in-class parks and libraries, and an infrastructure to support such progress.
The time is now for Gwinnett to take economic development to the next level.

The time is now for Gwinnett take bold action, to remain fiercely competitive when attracting relocating companies, to quickly respond when companies are ready to expand, and to align all the necessary details along the way to bring jobs and investment to Gwinnett. This strategic action will bring Gwinnett to the next level.

Please join us in supporting this historic community and economic development initiative.

Carla Carraway | Precision Planning
Randy Dellinger | Jackson EMC
Dr. Dan Kaufman | Georgia Gwinnett College
Mike Levengood | McKenna, Long & Aldridge
Renee Byrd Lewis | Cisco

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