PG Awards Nominations

Innovation. Imagination. Influence.

The annual PG Awards consists of three award categories—Innovation, Imagination and Influence—each honoring one community leader and one company that represents the best in Gwinnett and that has demonstrated outstanding achievement and excellence.

To nominate a company for this award, please use one of the links below:

  • Innovation Award: This award category recognizes innovative ideas, products, or services that have transformed the way they do business. The individual award recognizes visionary leadership highlighting people who have broken down barriers between IT and the business/organization/community, turning technology innovation into a major driver of success. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE.
  • Imagination Award: This award category recognizes creative thinking, planning, teaching, and doing in companies, local governments, community organizations and public and private educational institutions highlighting how these methods have helped transform the way these entities operate, market, or engage with customers, students or residents. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE.
  • Influence Award: This award category recognizes a community or business leader who plays a key leadership role in their company and/or community and strives to transform some part of the community through their career, volunteerism, organizational participation, and/or everyday life. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE.