Strategy Development

In 2006, the Gwinnett Chamber contracted with Market Street Services to develop a comprehensive Community and Economic Development Plan for Gwinnett County. Market Street’s recommendations formed the foundation of Partnership Gwinnett’s five-year, three-part strategy. The organization again engaged Market Street in 2011 and in 2016 to facilitate subsequent 5-year strategies designed to produce a revamped economic development plan in light of the County’s successes, challenges, and implementation experiences.

The conclusion of the research phase has produced a robust report, the Partnership Gwinnett 2.0 Combined Research Deliverable, comprised of three sections: the Competitive Assessment, the Marketing Assessment, and the Target Cluster Analysis.

Competitive Snapshot: takes a current look at Gwinnett County’s competitive position against three strong comparison counties along a number of indicators.

Target Cluster Analysis: considers Gwinnett’s existing targets, but also focuses on revealing specific advantages of the County as they relate to the retention, expansion, and recruitment of various businesses.

Marketing Assessment: includes analysis of Partnership Gwinnett’s website’s appearance, content, effectiveness, and utility for information gathering and data collection. Also included is a review of the Chamber’s complete internal and external marketing program, including advertising and collateral materials, inbound/outbound marketing events, public relations, trade shows, site selection professional visits, and branding and identity-building efforts.

Partnership Gwinnett 2.0 Strategy: represents the culmination of all the quantitative and qualitative research through the development of action items geared towards addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities for visionary growth.

Implementation Plan: provides the roadmap for meeting expectations set out in the Strategy. The Plan will enable Partnership Gwinnett and its partners to secure early implementation victories and continue to build the kind of momentum that will be required to take the community to the next level, putting it in the company of an entirely new set of competitors.