Proud Investor Logo

This “Proud Investor to Partnership Gwinnett” logo is for the exclusive use of current investors, in good standing, of Partnership Gwinnett. The Gwinnett Chamber reserves the right to restrict the usage of this mark on any materials, printed, electronic, or otherwise that it deems inappropriate or offensive. All Gwinnett Chamber logos are protected by copyright law. Any use of any Gwinnett Chamber logos that do not bear the words “Proud Investor” or any use of this logo in an altered form (e.g. Removal of “PROUD INVESTOR”, changes to coloration, etc.) without the expressed consent of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is prohibited.

If you have questions as to the proper use of this logo, please contact Nick Masino, Sr. Vice President, Economic Development & Partnership Gwinnett.


Download logo files by right clicking (ctrl-click on Mac OS) the links provided below and saving the files to your computer. For web-resolution images, right click (ctrl-click on Mac OS) on the images in the left column and save the file to your computer.

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