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The Partnership Gwinnett Strategy enables the organization and its public and private community partners to continue to build the kind of momentum that will be required to take the community to the next level, putting it in the company of an entirely new set of competitors.

The overall structure of the Partnership Gwinnett 2.0 Strategy is formed by the following Goals and Objectives:

Comprehensive Economic Development
World-Class Talent
Community & Leadership Development

This constitutes a “next level” plan with new ideas and detailed recommendations, many of which would have been unattainable without the precedent of Partnership Gwinnett 1.0. It supports a holistic vision for the prosperity of all Gwinnettians through the provision of good jobs, adequate housing, social opportunities, and a community that makes its residents proud. Every Gwinnettian has a stake in this plan; it will take the combined effort and ingenuity of a diverse partnership to realize this vision.

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