The Pipeline of Gwinnett Talent

The full spectrum and evolution of education in Gwinnett County is remarkable and is the best source of human resources for any enterprise. Partnership Gwinnett provides economies for businesses to engage the expertise, capacity and resources of our public and private institutions.

Partnership Gwinnett’s catalytic efforts in talent development serves our business community through:

Post-Secondary Institutions

  • Co-creating with Gwinnett institutions certificate and degree programs to match the talent needs of Gwinnett industry.
  • Providing efficient access to institutional training and subject-matter experts that can support workforce training needs.
  • Working to retain graduates from our education systems by working with Gwinnett businesses to develop work-based learning programs in the form of student projects, facility tours, job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Pre-K through Grade 12:

  • Advocating for new program and curriculum development that produces the skills and capabilities that match the needs and opportunities of Gwinnett business and industry.
  • Identifying educational gaps and works with educational leaders and businesses to development innovative ways to address those gaps.

Pre-K through Grade 12