Fellow Partnership Gwinnett Investors, Partners and Stakeholders: On behalf of Partnership Gwinnett, I’d like to thank you for investing in and advocating for an exceptional economic development initiative that has helped Gwinnett become the economic powerhouse we know today. It has been my pleasure to serve as Chairman and to watch our united vision for a vibrant economy unfold. It has been another phenomenal year and I look forward to our continued collaboration. In the second year of PG 3.0, we have been implementing our five-year strategic plan with three main goals: Business, Talent and Community Development. This year the team has won 15 projects resulting in 1,595 jobs and more than $142 million in capital investment across our five target industries. We’ve increased our existing Gwinnett-based company visits to 271 and expanded partnerships through visits abroad. Partnership Gwinnett has made great strides to position Gwinnett to seize economic development opportunities and we are confident that our inclusive and diverse economy has unlimited potential. Together we will continue to enhance the quality of life for the more than 900,000 residents of Gwinnett County, while enriching our workforce, driving entrepreneurship and supporting the spirit of diverse partnerships across our community. With your help we see no signs of slowing down. Thank you for another outstanding year! Sincerely, J. Michael Levengood 2018 Chairman FROM THE PARTNERSHIP GWINNETT CHAIR On the cover: Revel— The largest office development in Gwinnett’s history