Partnership Gwinnett is focused on expanding core education and workforce development strategies. Our team works directly with partner businesses and organizations to help fulfill their talent needs by connecting them to local talent and talent acquisition resources.

Workforce Training Resources

Assess and qualify existing workforce and/or new employee development needs that may be solved and supported by local, state, and federal programs such as:

  • Customized contract training development & delivery
  • Re-Training tax credits
  • Incumbent worker training salary/wage reimbursements
  • On-the-Job training salary/wage reimbursements
  • Apprenticeship development and delivery
  • Connection to resources at Gwinnett post-secondary institutions

Talent Acquisition

  • Create efficiencies in connecting to sources and aggregators of available Gwinnett talent
  • Provide research and data services to support human resources information needs related to:
    • Location and density of skilled employee candidates
    • Prevailing wages and salaries for a specific job in the county, region and state
  • Support business efforts to diversify by connecting them to the diverse talent pool that exists in Gwinnett
  • Provide opportunities for companies to promote not only their product or service brand in Gwinnett, but also their employer brand to attract talent from Gwinnett’s developing pipeline of talent.

Partnership Gwinnet maintains strong, proactive working relationships with local, regional and state economic development organizations and programs to address your talent needs in collaborative ways with: