Partnership Gwinnett is a public-private initiative dedicated to bringing new jobs and capital investment to Gwinnett County, Georgia. Since 2007, Partnership Gwinnett has worked with its local partners to attract and retain jobs, cultivate capital investment, support educational institutions, foster workforce development, and contribute to the exceptional quality of life found in Gwinnett. Every day, a team of dedicated professionals work to drive the mission of Partnership Gwinnett to strengthen the economic vitality of the community.

Partnership Gwinnett Target Industries

Information & Technology Solutions

Data Processing & Security

Software Development

Computer Systems Design

Health Sciences & Services

Life Sciences

Healthcare Services

Professional & Corporate Services

Customer Care Services

Headquarters Operations

Business Support Services

Supply Chain Management

Wholesale Trade

Distribution & Warehousing

Advanced Manufacturing

Computers & Electronics

Energy Technologies

Our Vision

Gwinnett will continue to be known as an inclusive community wherein businesses thrive and residents maximize their potential through world-class schools, opportunities for life-long learning, a vibrant economy, diverse partnerships and a superior quality of life.